Beginner’s Guide To Veganism


Congratulations on making the most beneficial-to-your-health decision in your life. Becoming a vegan is more than just what you eat, it’s a lifestyle. Making a choice to keep a plant based diet is something that will give your body the nutrients and vitality that it always desired. Many vegans are known to lead healthy and fruitful lives; long and minimal health complications.

The diet of today involves tonnes of bad stuff, including refined sugar, dyed foods, and fictitious ingredient slike MSG and high-fructose corn syrup. Eating as a vegan will help you clear up all of the bad things your eating past has done to your body and restore anew.

This is a complete beginners guide of things that you need to know when becoming a vegan.

The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian

A vegetarian eats mostly plant based foods and no animal flesh, however many still consume animal by products. Some do not consume, dairy and eggs, but most do. Veganism on the other hand is the strictest form of vegetarianism. Vegans, do not eat anything of animal by product, so dairy is completely out of the picture, and so are eggs and anything else that is created with such ingredients.

Though is seems that they are completely deprived, many of created replacements for commonly eaten foods with different ingredients. There are plenty of replacements for the ingredients inside of cake, ice cream, etc. Replacements are made of non-animal by products and tastes very good!

The move from vegetarian to vegan

The move from vegetarian to vegan is very simple. Once can do it by simply committing to remove any food that has to do with an animal or animal by product. Removing all of the dairy products is a very difficult task for a lot of the vegetarians that are so accustom to it. It is helpful to have a friend who has already made the switch to help guide you through the process and act as a sponsor.

If, in previous, you were not aware, there are substitutes for just about everything vegans do not eat. There are replacements for fish, burger patties, chicken, etc. This makes it easier to go through daily lives with variety. Further, the dairy products, especially ice cream also have replacements to use and still fully enjoy. Life is more than just taste buds, but we have that covered too.

What about protein?

The statement that vegans do not get enough protein is a long outdated myth. The fact is that proteins are the building blocks of live. All food sources have some amount of protein, yes, even vegetables. Eating vegetables and any normal vegan diet has plenty of the protein nourishment needed.

However, as a vegan, if you are looking to build more and more muscles, or even if you are interested in losing a little weight, weight loss shakes are another option. They are usualy protein based shakes that are made from whey, which is still a viable source of protein.

What about snacking?

Anything and everything is almost always readily available for vegans. Any type of potato chip or most any other snacks that do not contain any dairy additives are most likely vegan. It is important to check the labels when shopping for these things.

Most health food stores, like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods carry a plethora of vegan-friendly foods. These are the stores that are suggested for you to shop, only because most of the foods here are wholesome and have the largest variety.

But, I don’t like veggies

Vegetables are probably the one most important and essential part of a vegan’s diet. These are the super foods, they are the most vitamin rich foods on the planet. For the most part, they are an acquired taste anyways. Most have noticed a growth in desire for these foods the longer they eat them and the longer they stay away from the junk food in today’s society.

However, if you are just starting out and finding it difficult to stick to eating vegetables, it can come down to spicing. Follow that of the Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes and follow the spicing that way. If, in the event that this doesn’t work, the next best solution would be to make smoothies of the vegges you are missing out on. A great smoothie to make includes, putting all the power food vegges you could imagine and then throwing in a spoonful of premium, wholesome peanut butter and a cup of ice. Blend it up and it tastes like reces peices.

Dealing with negative comments

With veganism and vegetarianism being such a contrary motion to the normals of today’s society, it is normal to hear negative comments about such. The key here is to accept the person’s ignorance as it is and ignore the comments. Understand that most people are unaware of the reasons behind the choices you’ve made and the huge benefits of the impacts you are making to your health and the world as a whole.

Being rude or snappy back only raises your stress hormones and feeds fuel to the fire. Many bullies or people with comments of negativity enjoy the fight and only want to hear your retort. Don’t dignify it with a response, unless someone is truly wanting to learn. Change the subject and move on. Continue with your life as a vegan with the knowledge that you have made a concision choice to import your health and the world around you.

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